The Sunday Salon: The literary gods laugh– and the Lord R. God Himself intervenes

The Sunday

As life takes unexpected turns, so do plans for reading. This week the two intersected as I began a part-time job at a local independent bookstore (more on that in another post) and am being introduced to books of which I have never heard.

Aside: Ironically, I joined a Ban on Spending Book Challenge at J. Kaye’s Book Blog a few weeks ago where I need to read so many books– 31 to be exact– before I can buy any more books. The literary gods are laughing.

Back on track: Last week I needed a diversion from my working my way through Great Expectations. It came unexpectedly when a friend at the library recommended a book to me. The book was Right as Rain by George P. Pellecanos. I have read it and will have a review coming later in the week.

Today, I had planned to continue Great Expectations while at my parents, who are celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary (tomorrow, but we’re celebrating today with a picnic). I am within 150 pages or so of the end, I believe, and also brought Seabiscuit to read.

However, this time, God– not the literary gods, but the Lord R. God Himself, Jehovah-jireh (Jehovah will provide)– intervened as my mother told me that she was finished with a book I had let her borrow back in April: Amish Grace: How Forgiveness Transcended Tragedy by Donald P. Kraybill, Steven M. Nolt and David Weaver-Zercher.

So now I’ll probably start on that today in between NASCAR, meat and potatoes (yes, our family is sort of redneckish, for example, my sister has a blog called Boondock Ramblings), and watching our nephew run himself around the yard crazy (let’s just hope he stays outside– kidding, Lisa– my sister).

For a review of my week on my blogs, including this one, as well as a linklovefest to some other blogs I enjoyed reading this week, check out my previous post here.

11 responses to “The Sunday Salon: The literary gods laugh– and the Lord R. God Himself intervenes

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  2. I keep promising myself I’m on a “no book buying ban” until I can cut down my TBR, but I really stink at sticking to my guns. LOL Everytime I take my dd to the library I find books for .50 on the sale rack and it’s too hard to say ‘no’. LOL I’m so happy to say though that last week I purposefully left my pocket change in the pants I wasn’t wearing, so that when I got to the library I had no money to spend on the books that I did indeed find. Ugh. See, I can’t even go in and bypass the shelf all together. I still had to torment myself. LOL

    I hope you have better success in sticking to your guns than I have. 🙂


  3. that job at the bookstore sounds good. I’m on the bookban too…its hard not buying new books. I think I have like 29 to read before I can buy any new ones myself. enjoy your reading and the picnic!

  4. This challenge that bans spending on books sounds like something healthy for those with a problem chronically buying books…I’ll pass it along to Jessica immediately.

  5. Bisha: I’ll be honest that I’m not interested in ARCs, but if anyone can hook me up with free books, I’m all for it.

    Joy: Picnic was good…cookout actually, but same dif. It was all good. Actually buying books isn’t so much a worry with over 100 books on my shelves at home. I’m not going to run out any time soon.

    Literate Housewife: I’ll see if I make it too, especially since my bosses (hey, Kevin and Kasey, if you’re reading this) said if I wanted, I could take it in book credits. But to be honest, we need the money. 😦

  6. I will be eager to see if you can hold out before buying another book – especially given your new part-time job. That would be a tough one!

  7. Wow, a ban on book buying? I’m having a panic attack just thinking about that! I’m afraid buying books is the high point of my life these days (and reading them, of course). I wouldn’t last a second in that challenge. Hope you enjoyed your Sunday picnic – 45 years of marriage is certainly something to celebrate!

  8. Oh the irony! Perhaps you can get friendly with some reps and they’ll slip you some ARCs or something.

  9. J. Kaye: Coming from the leader of the ban…now I might consider it. 🙂

    Ann: Lauren Hillenbrand (spelling?). I don’t have it here right in front of me, and I’m too lazy to Google it right now as I’m keeping up with my fantasy football team.

  10. I hadn’t thought about reading ‘Seabiscuit’ but now you mention it! I loved the film and my father brought me up to love horse racing of all kinds. I must get hold of a copy. Who wrote it?

  11. In your shoes, I’d have dropped the ban like a hot potato and spent my first paycheck…even before getting it.