Forget all that you see, it’s not reality, it’s just a fantasy (football league)

The first time I played fantasy sports was about 5 or so years ago. Why I don’t remember exactly is because I have to block it from my mind: not only did I suck at it, but it was a hockey fantasy league (apologies to the nation of Canada and Sarah Palin — obligatory political reference this time of year, sorry, every blogger must include one, it’s in the bylaws).

I didn’t completely understand the rules, plus the people with whom I was playing were– um, how do I put this politely, um, I don’t– douchebags.

The next time I played was last year in a fantasy football league with a group of neighbors. I had never played fantasy football previously, but I found an online site that helped me pick the right players and free agents, as needed each week.  This time I climbed my way to the top of the league, with the help of Tony Romo as my QB, which as a long-time Pittsburgh Steeler fan didn’t sit right with me at all, but hey, it was for fun, I told myself, and Plaxico Burress as one of my wide receivers.

At first, I was laid back about it, after all we weren’t playing for money, just for fun, but then I became — um…okay, no ums– a douchebag myself. I found myself in the championship game, which was played before the Super Bowl in our league and muffed it, picking the wrong combination of players for that week. No one felt any pity over my loss; I didn’t really understand why. I mean, it wasn’t like…oh, wait, yes, I was.

This year, I have signed up for the Humor Bloggers Fantasy Football League, with nine other members from (for complete list, see sidebar on the HBFFL blog). I don’t have Romo this year, but somehow still ended up with Burress, and one other player, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, who was pretty decent for me.

The rest of the team is a group of fairly unimpressive players, with maybe the exception of the Steeler defense and Willie Parker (and that’s just because he’s a Steeler and I’m a homer and oh, also I can’t drop him even if he does get lost in a backfield of too many running backs as the season progresses — STBM).

I’d tell you more about my team, but I’m saving that for a post on which I’m working for the Humor Bloggers Fantasy Football League. The main thing I’m trying to remember in all this is that I’m just in this for gits and shiggles, as The Wife says– and I don’t want to be…um…a douchebag.

In keeping with the whole fun thing, this is the avatar I’ve made at Yahoo, on our league page. If anyone thinks I’m taking this seriously after this, well, then, to paraphrase the great Rob Halford, they’ve got another thing comin’:

Yahoo! Avatars

When it’s in Yahoo, it’s spinning and all psychedelic and stuff, but still you get the idea: Uber fun geek (I couldn’t figure out how to make the umlauts, sorry).

For more uber fun geeks (umlauts or not), visit

And now what you’ve been waiting for since you read the title of the post (to show that I don’t hate all things Canadian; oddly, he later won a Grammy  as a producer for fellow Canadian Celine Dion):

7 responses to “Forget all that you see, it’s not reality, it’s just a fantasy (football league)

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  2. *rolls eyes so hard they almost stick that way*

    When is football season over, again?
    I’m not a fan of real, actually-being-played games.

    Fantasy Sports bore me intensely. When he starts talking about this stuff (MY quarterback, blah blah, farkety blah) I want to hunker down at one end of my perch and pull out my tail feathers. The little bell and the mirror don’t even help.

  3. On behalf of all of Canada, we can get by without hockey – we’ve given it to that awful Palin woman.

  4. so let me get this straight–this year you’re in a league with FUNNY douchebags? *runs and hides* 😀

  5. unfinishedrambler

    Margaret: Rob H. did pronounce it pretty harsh. That was the 80s metal thing.

    Kath: Origins of the phrase? Wow. I just thought it was something Rob dreamed up. 🙂 …If I had an award for first use of the word “sartorial” in one of my hundreds of comments, you would certainly get it.

  6. Yeah, I think he did say “thing”–I remember looking up the origins of the phrase online, too. I remember the story was very interesting at the time. I can’t remember it now, however. Oh, well.

    Great avatar–unusual sartorial choice to wear with the beer hat.

  7. Hey, did Halford say “thing”? or “think”? Now I gotta go ask my 80s metal customer service guy (aka my hubby).