Tuesday Meme Things: LibraryThingers/Where I be this Tuesday

Today’s question: Members who have your books. Do you ever look at this feature? Do you use it to make LT friends, or compare notes? There are three tabs- weighted, raw, and recent. “Weighted,” which means “weighted by book obscurity and library size” is probably the least self-explanatory of the three, whereas “raw” and “recent” are more so. Do you get any kind of use out of this feature?

I have checked this feature out and have added a few “friends” and libraries as a result. Unfortunately, with all of my other blogging, I haven’t kept track of this as much as I would like to do. I’ll be honest that I have so many books on my to be read list that I don’t need any more books to read right now. I have a hard enough time walking into a library without escaping with more books that I don’t have time to read.


For this week’s It’s Tuesday, Where Are You? I’m still in London with Pip in Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, although I did take a diversion recently to Egypt with The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo. I’m also planning a diversion to Washington, D.C. with George P. Pelecanos and his character, Derek Strange, in Right as Rain, where I have a feeling from reading the jacket, everything isn’t that right.

So where is your reading taking you today, this week and in the upcoming weeks?

4 responses to “Tuesday Meme Things: LibraryThingers/Where I be this Tuesday

  1. I am in London with Pip as well at the moment. This is the book that I am listening to on audiobook at the moment, so it is going slower than it would if I was reading it, but I am enjoying it very much!

  2. Exactly the way I feel. I think it’s interesting looking at other people’s libraries – just like browsing their shelves at home. But I’ve never used the feature to find new books to read – finding new books to read is never a problem for me.

  3. I know what you mean about the TBR pile. Blogging has been so good for me in terms of keeping me current on what’s going on in publishing but it’s so hard to *stop* finding things I want to read!

  4. Ooh I really liked ‘Great Expectations’.

    Let’s see, where is my reading taking me? Back to the American civil war with ‘Two Brothers- One North, One South’…. and back to 323 BC Macedonia in ‘Alexander & Alestria’….