The Sunday Salon: Still expecting great things, but not always living up to them :(

The Sunday

This Sunday, another busy Sunday planned– this time, a church picnic and then off to my parents to watch NASCAR with my father. However, before I leave, I’d thought I’d report in to y’all (no, I live in Pennsylvania, but my mother is from North Carolina, so I come by the saying righteously).

I’m still working my way through Great Expectations by Charles Dickens for 1% Well-Read Challenge and Classics Challenge 2008 even though I said earlier in the week that I would try to be finished with it by the end of the month (today). I also said I would finish the following three books:

While I did finish The Alchemist and probably will work in The Prophet this afternoon, because it’s a short book (if not a heady book, according to The Wife), I don’t think I’m going to make it to The Giver. Why I wanted to finish the four books was so that I could “make it” to 50 books read for the year by the end of today. I did a recount yesterday, though, and counting a couple of graphic novels that I read (100 pages or more) to qualify, I will make it to 50– with The Prophet.

For the complete list of books I’ve read so far this year, see here.


Last week, I began a new feature at my main blog, an unfinished person in an unfinished universe called Saturday’s Me and You, in which I review the week on my blog and also highlight links of other blogs. For yesterday’s edition, see HERE.

I would like to highlight one link that I believe deserves special attention this week:The Big Announcement is Here: Reading & Blogging for Darfur: To find out what Natasha Maw of Maw Books Blog is doing and how you can help, click on the link.

I also would be remiss if I didn’t give a special thank you to both Guatami Tripathy at Reading Room and Margaret at BooksPlease who presented me with awards: Guatami with a Brillante Weblog Premio 2008; Margaret, a SuperCommenter Award. Thank you very much to the both of you. I only hope, Margaret, that I can live up to it…as today I probably won’t get to replies or catching up with all The Sunday Salon readings (already over 30) until tomorrow.

Addendum: I’ve been using a program called CoComment that is helping me keep track of my comments– and if I need to return to a comment to “smack” someone down — sorry, I have another blog called Unfinished Rambling(s) on a site called, so sometimes I joke (or at least make a stab at it).

7 responses to “The Sunday Salon: Still expecting great things, but not always living up to them :(

  1. The Prophet by Ghalil Gibran – that’s the first time I’ve seen anyone mention this little fount of wisdom! It’s lovely, and enjoy.

  2. enjoy your reading, I’ve always wanted to read Great Expectations but never got around to it.

  3. Have fun…you are doing well with your challenges…I am failing on all but five. I can see that I should have never signed up for so many. I’ll do better next year.

  4. Congrats on getting to 50 books for the year! I just finished number 49. I was hoping to get to 50 this month, too, but it just didn’t work out.

    I really love The Giver. I can’t wait to read your review.

  5. Thanks for the Dafur link. I’d heard about this but wasn’t certain where it was located.

  6. Thanks for the link!

    I read The Prophet years ago – I hope you’re going to review it as I’d like to read your thoughts about it. As I remember it there were parts I thought were brilliant and others not so brilliant. I’ll have to dig out my copy.

  7. Thank you, thank you for using the term correctly…y’all vs. ya’ll. 🙂