Saturday’s Me and You: 8/30/08

Last week, I began a new feature at my main blog called Saturday’s Me and You. Each Saturday I will be giving a review of posts on my five blogs, plus links to others’ posts I found intriguing or insightful within the last week. (I’m a little behind this week, because The Wife and I went to a wedding this afternoon.)

At my main blog of an unfinished person (in an unfinished universe):

  1. Sustenance Sunday: Who do you say that I am? Fr. James Dougher at my home parish gives a homily on Matthew 16:13-16 (also crossposted on Journeying with the Saints).
  2. Meandering Monday: A few of my wife’s favorite things (for me to leave alone) The Wife gives me a list of her favorite things…as long as I leave them alone, including her favorite handkerchiefs and pens (also crossposted on Unfinished Rambling(s)).
  3. Tuesday’s Tunes: Flight of the Conchords The Wife and I have been watching the HBO show by the same name. I feature videos from first six episodes of the New Zealand comedy duo’s first season. If you haven’t seen, it’s a little off the wall. Please check it out.
  4. Wordless Wednesday: Corning Museum of Glass-Mini Tour Last weekend The Wife, I and my in-laws went to Corning. Here is some of what we saw there at the glass museum.
  5. Booking Through Thursday: What’s on My Nightstand for September: Basically, ditto from August Just what it says what I plan on reading, or at least attempting to read, for the month of September (crossposted on Just A (Reading) Fool).

Just A (Running) Fool

Unfortunately, this blog (which is where I began blogging) is still my most inactive blog as evidenced by the dearth of posts this week:

  1. Tuesday: Early to bed, early to rise…the cliche is true Here, I reflect on quotes from George Sheehan in his book How To Feel Great 24 Hours A Day and the importance of getting up and getting to bed early.
  2. Wednesday: I talk about Working on keeping my house in order and then promptly fall on my face for the next three days as I don’t run for the next three days. A plan to let myself rest on Thursday, giving in to my natural tendencies to slow down and burn out right after midweek, doesn’t work. Self-discipline is what is needed.

Just A (Reading) Fool

In addition to the Thirsty Thursday post mentioned above:

  1. Sunday: The Sunday Salon: The Dickens, we say!…and the week in review With my in-laws in town last Sunday, I didn’t get a lot of reading done, but continued working through Great Expectations by Charles Dickens just a bit, a book on which I’m still working.
  2. Tuesday: Where I Be This Tuesday in My Reading Still reading Great Expectations.
  3. Thursday: Booking Through Thursday: Reading to see what happens next? This week’s question centered around if you read to see what happens next. My answer: Not always.

Journeying with the Saints

In addition to the Sustenance Sunday post already mentioned:

Unfinished Rambling(s):

In addition to the Meandering Monday post already mentioned:

  1. Thursday: I discuss how I’ve been Trying to duck the quack doctors on Twitter and BlogCatalog, but alas, am having little success. It seems like all the practitioners of non-traditional medicine are drawn to me on these two sites. I don’t know.
  2. Friday: In what could be considered a cross-post for Just A (Reading) Fool, I share some of the books I’ve been asked to review and other things I’ve been asked to hock in FREE Obama-Biden car magnet — $15 donation, plus FREE full-length LESBIAN novel!
  3. Saturday: What happens when someone like myself doesn’t have cable or satellite TV? This is what I explore in Latest Bigfoot Hoax…uh huh…a HOAX! and other news you might have missed (more specifically what I might have missed).
  • Nominations for Book Blogger Appreciation Awards 2008 nominations end tomorrow, Aug. 31. For details, including categories and where to e-mail your nominations, click on the preceding link.
  • Lit Flicks Challenge, hosted by Jessica at The Bluestocking Society, begins Monday and runs until February 28, 2009, the month she is hosting the February 2008 Bookworms Carnival. For details, (yep, you guessed it) click on link. For my list, see HERE.
  • Jessica’s brother, Blake, is hosting a companion challenge at his site Bitchin’ Film Reviews which is similar to her challenge, except the focus is on the movies, of course. I have joined both as I mentioned in my original post about the challenges and I encourage you to do the same.
  • For laughs, I ran into this video My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors over at Don’stuff. He in turn picked it up from the blog Pages Turned.

The Big Announcement is Here: Reading & Blogging for Darfur:
Natasha Maw of Maw Books Blog is reading and blogging for the entire month of Septmeber in an effort to create awareness and raise funds for the people of Darfur. Click on the link for more information on how you can participate. I plan on doing my part with a special post here this week, but thought it was more than worthwhile than mentioning since this isn’t just about me and you, but certainly others, as well.