Where I be this Tuesday in my reading

Usually I do two weekly memes today, one of which is usually Tuesday Thingers. However, this week since I am fairly new to LibraryThing, plus most of the authors I read are deceased, I can’t relate to the question about LibraryThing authors, which is alive authors with whom you might be friends on LibraryThing. I’m not in Early Reviewers there and I don’t read ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies), because I want to read what I want to read and not have it selected for me by a publisher. I have enough books to read (see above in my header) to keep me busy. So anyway, on to…

It’s Tuesday, Where Are You, as hosted by raidergirl3 at an adventure in reading. Today, I’m still back and forth between London, where Pip is being educated to be a gentleman and a small town somewhere in England– I have a feeling, being set up for a fall by Miss Havisham with Estella. The book, of course, is Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. As a diversion, I’m going to visit Gotham (again) with Frank Miller in Batman: Year One, as I finish the short graphic novel. I also may delve into Ultimate Iron Man written by Orson Scott Card, another (slightly longer) graphic novel.

5 responses to “Where I be this Tuesday in my reading

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  2. J. Kaye: You can always come to “the party” late, you know? It’s all right.

    Andi: Iron Man was all right. I just finished it today so sorry I didn’t get back to you. It wasn’t as good as the Batman graphic novels I’ve been reading, but I’m more familiar with the mythology there and I think it’s a deeper well from which the writers and artists are drawing.

  3. Great Expectations meets graphic novels – sounds lovely. How is Iron Man?

  4. I really, really should read your blog on Tuesdays, but never can make it on that day. I missed another It’s Tuesday, Where Are You?

  5. What is a meme? I am new to Book Blogs!