Saturday’s Me and You: The week in review 8/23/08

Following in the example of a couple of bloggers whom I read, C.C. Almon in Texas and Florinda in California, plus Shelly at Semicolon who does Saturday’s Review of Books from book blogger Shelly, I’m starting my own version of a review of the week on Saturdays. Like Florinda, who shares a mix of her own posts and others, I will be giving a review of posts on my five blogs, plus links to others’ posts I found intriguing or insightful within the last week. I’m calling it Saturday’s Me and You, although mostly I’ll be honest, it’s going to be mostly about ME! 😉

MEI’ll start here at an unfinished person (in an unfinished universe).

  1. Sustenance Sunday: This week’s reflection on the sermon from my home parish, a cross post from my blog, Journeying with the Saints.
  2. Meandering Monday: A telephone conversation I had with my father about a cookie which he received from a man at a funeral a month ago and which he forgot was in the car until this past week, a cross post from my blog, Unfinished Rambling(s).
  3. Feetfirst Friday: A look back at my week in running and a new morning schedule on which I’m working, a cross post from my blog, Just A (Running) Fool.

Yes, you may notice I’m missing a few days. I’m reworking on my theme days, including today’s theme, as you can see. I’ll have more changes and updates coming next week.

just a (running) fool

In addition to the post mentioned above, I only had one other post, which was a cross post at my blog, Journeying with the Saints:

  • Wednesday: Run for the Prize, where I reflected on Philippians 3:12-16 and also shared a song by the Christian rock group Petra.

Just A (Reading) Fool

  1. Meditative Monday: The park, where I posted a photo of one of my favorite places to read, next to a fountain at a local park.
  2. Tuesday’s Meme Things: Here, I participated in this week’s Tuesday Thingers and It’s Tuesday, Where are You?, links for which can be found in the post. One of the questions for this week’s Tuesday Thingers was meeting up with people from LibraryThing in real life. My answer basically: Eh (shrug of shoulders).
  3. Booking Through Thursday: The question this week was about memories of libraries. I’lll be honest I phoned this one in. I need to go back to this at some point and give it a little more thought, but hey, of course, you should still read this, because it is MINE! 🙂
  4. Today: I joined two challenges, Jessica’s Lit Flick Challenge and J. Kaye’s Ban on Spending Book Challenge. For more information on each, click on the link and then follow the links there.

Journeying with the Saints

In addition to the posts mentioned above, I had a four part series about my becoming an oblate candidate at Mount Saviour Monastery in Pine City, N.Y.

  1. What is an oblate?
  2. How I became an oblate candidate
  3. The Medal of St. Benedict
  4. The Rule of St. Benedict

unfinished rambling(s)

In addition to the post mentioned above, I also rambled on:


On the subject of humor, I’ll start with a blogging directory to which I belong and highly recommend: Among the funnier blogs you can find there are Prefers Her Fantasy Life, Nanny Goats in Panties, and Of Cabbages and Kings.


  • Speaking of favorite blogs, one of my favorites is So Many Books by Stefanie, especially for her Sunday posts on her readings of Emerson. Last week’s post was Emerson’s thoughts on “Michael Angelo.”
  • I recently discovered See Corey Run, who last week in a rare moment got serious for a moment on a post about World Run Day, which is Nov. 9. For more information, check out Corey’s post HERE.



  • Ann Darnton at Table Talk shared her extremely insightful thoughts as she is re-reading Roman Blood, the first part of Steven Saylor’s Roma Sub Rosa series. I meant to get back and comment, but I really didn’t know what to say as she reflected on tyranny and justice in the book and the series.
  • My friend, Caitlin, in New York City shared this scene on the subway that she saw recently that occurred between a passenger and a homeless man. Talk about insightful. Thanks, Caitlin.
  • My sister gave this poignant tribute to my mother: My mom, my best friend (I sincerely wish I had written this. Thank you, sis).

Last (and I still have about 20 or 30 other posts bookmarked and starred in my Google Reader to which I haven’t even gotten yet from the other days), I want to mention a post from earlier in the month from Neil at Citizen of the Month about being a blogging rockstar. This proves why he is one of the best bloggers out there– and a belated thanks to Caitlin for introducing me to him.

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