Great Expectations for this week’s Sunday Salon

The Sunday

I will start this week’s Sunday Salon as I did last week by reading the Office of Readings and Lauds (or Morning Prayer) with the Liturgy of the Hours before I go to Mass. However, I won’t stay in Rome as I did last week when I was reading The Triumph of Caesar by Steven Saylor (see review here). Instead, this week, I’ll be spending most of the day somewhere in England with Charles Dickens in Great Expectations. Already on Saturday, I made it to page 63, without even trying, so needless to say, I’m looking forward to this week’s Sunday Salon — and this my first Dickens novel, which as someone who graduated with an English major is hard to believe.

Looking backward, meanwhile, here at Just A (Reading) Fool,

  • Monday: I posted my Meditative Monday photo this week, with one of my favorite places to read: the couch (but without cat on my head). See here for what I mean.
  • Tuesday: I posted for both Tuesday Thingers and It’s Tuesday, Where Are You? in this one post.
  • Thursday: I posted for this week’s Booking Through Thursday, which was about books on the Olympics and other sports. In my post, I especially remembered Jim Thorpe, Shoeless Joe and the Titans.
  • Friday: I crossposted across all of my blog a post on what applications I use and recommend from where I can be found on Twitter to what I’m watching on Netflix.
  • Saturday: I participated in this week’s Saturday Review of Books with my review of The Triumph of Caesar.

Later for this week’s Sunday Salon, in addition to sharing about my reading of my first Dickens novel, I will share links to posts on my other blogs as well as links to posts from others’ blogs that have caught my eye this week. Until then, I’ll leave you with a little humor as with one of my other blogs, Unfinished Rambling(s), I’ve joined a new site called Humor Bloggers dot com, to which I’ll also be posting later today.

8 responses to “Great Expectations for this week’s Sunday Salon

  1. Ruth: I guess it’s been a while since I’ve read The Scarlet Letter too. For some reason, though, I always liked The House of the Seven Gables by Hawthorne, although if I were to go back today, I might find it dreadful.

    Carrie K: I’m about 100 pages in and still enjoying it.

    Bybee: I actually was reminded about Great Expectations by Mrs. S from Blue Archipelago, who also is reading it. It seems like people from all parts of the world are being compelled to read Great Expectations either again or for the first time — all within this week, strange. 😉

    Ann: I’m only 100 pages in, as I mentioned to Carrie,but personally so far I think Pip has been whalloped enough. I’d like to whallop his sister, Mrs. Joe, though, at this point…Re: Saylor. You’re welcome. Hope you enjoy the ones you already again — and the ones you have yet to read.

    Gautami: I have Oliver Twist too, but I have some Doestoevsky and Eliot to get to first. 🙂 or is that :(?

    thekoolaidmom: But I don’t have David Copperfield. I think I’ll just start here and see how it goes.

    Wisteria: I haven’t read A Tale of Two Cities either, if you can believe it. Hope you’re having a good time in India and that no one is getting his/his head (or their collective heads) lopped off. 🙂

  2. I love Dickens too! A Tale of Two Cities is my favorite, then GE. Maybe I love A Tale… because of Madame L knitting all the time, as I love to knit. However, I don’t like loppin peoples heads off.
    By the way I’m in India with The Toss of a Lemon. 🙂

  3. thekoolaidmom

    Great Expectations is one of my favorite books, and my favorite Dickens. Though, David Copperfied comes pretty close. Depending on my mood, they might even exchange positions. 😀

  4. I like Dickens. Currently re-reading Oliver Twist!

    Do check out my Sunday Salon posts 😀

    SS 1: Review of The Dark Child

    SS 2: Musings about books

  5. I love ‘Great Expectation’ but then I’m a real Dickens fan. Mind you, having said that, every time I read ‘GE’ I get so frustrated with Pip. I just want to wallop him one and tell him to grow up. I suppose that’s part of the greatness of the writer.

    By the way, we’ve swapped places. I’m in Rome today with Saylor. Thanks for jogging my memory.

  6. I pulled Great Expectations off the shelf last night and put it on my nightstand — it’s a start!

  7. I enjoyed Great Expectations very much – you have some great reading ahead!

  8. I love Dickens, but haven’t read Great Expectations yet. (Unless the excerpt I had to read in my senior year counts, but it was only twenty pages or so. I enjoyed that more than The Scarlet Letter, which we read in its entirety.)