Meditative Monday: The couch (sans cat on my head)

On Meditative Monday, I will post a photo of a favorite place to read or meditate, and where you can leave a link in the comments to a post of your own with photo of one of your favorite places to read or meditate. Today’s place is the couch although I usually prefer to read or meditate sans cat on my head, especially now that he’s larger than this.

9 responses to “Meditative Monday: The couch (sans cat on my head)

  1. That is adorable – you know how much I like funny kitty pictures!!

    You can seriously do anything with our cat, she’s so good natured.

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  3. Too funny! My cat likes to lie on my chest right in front of my book when I’m lying down. Often it irks me as I have to move the cat or the book–but usually I move the book. Cat’s are such great reading buddies, huh?

  4. Not a cat person myself, but my parents have a DOG that will do that!

  5. Its hard to remember when he was that small. Now he flops on my head when he’s sleeping and I can’t breathe. At least he pokes me in the eye until I get up and go to the gym!

    AKA Seamus’ mommy

  6. Great photo! I must point out that it is probably easier to read with a cat on one’s head rather than with a cat spread across the pages of the book (as they are wont to do). Of course, comfort level may suffer …

  7. I usually end up reading with cats too, but usually with them on my lap, in Furniture mode… love the picture! 🙂

  8. oh, that is sweet, a head massage! I have three cats, they are great reading partners for sure.

  9. Aww, he looks just like one of my cats, only less fat.