TSS: Spending my day, my week mostly in Italy

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While in a sense all roads for today’s Sunday Salon led to Rome– with my beginning my day with the Liturgy of the Hours this morning, continuing by attending a Roman Catholic church and then delving into The Triumph of Caesar by Steven Saylor this afternoon, the road on which I was traveling earlier in the week in terms of my reading was already in Italy.

I began this week by reading Andrea Camilleri’s The Snack Thief, which is set in Sicily and which I discussed briefly in one of my first posts of the week: What’s On Tap for August: Camilleri, Hurston, etc..The post was a part of a monthly meme, What’s On Your Nightstand? to which I was introduced by Naida at the bookworm via J. Kaye at J. Kaye’s Book Blog.

Also on Monday, I posted my second Meditative Monday, where I post a photo of a favorite place to read or meditate, and where you can leave a link in the comments to a post with a photo of one of your favorite places to read or meditate. This week’s place was my local library.

On Tuesday, I reviewed all the weekly meme groups in which I participate for this week’s Tuesday Thingers, with of course, giving a shout out to The Sunday Salon.

Speaking of shout outs, I need to give a special shout out to Marie from The Boston Bibliophile who organizes Tuesday Thingers and also is a participant of The Sunday Salon. On Wednesday, I received a copy of When You Are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris in the mail from Marie, who had a giveaway of the book after reviewing it (here) last week.

Back on Tuesday, I also related where I was in the world in my reading for raidergirl3‘s weekly meme, It’s Tuesday, Where Are You? At that point, I was still in Sicily and also hanging out in Gotham with Batman in a few of Frank Miller’s graphic novels.

Skipping ahead to Thursday, I participated in this week’s Booking Through Thursday, with the questions focussed on in which authors’ worlds would you like to live and which ones would you not like to live; my answer.

On Friday, I participated in this week’s Friday Finds hosted by MizB. My finds can be found here.

Yesterday I updated my To Be Read Someday page after being prompted by a post by Clare Swindlehurst at her blog Blue Archipelago. I also joined her virtual book club earlier in the week.

Finally, also yesterday, I wrapped up my week where I had begun, with Camilleri in Sicily, as I reviewed The Snack Thief.

As for Saylor’s book, I am about halfway through it today and enjoying it immensely. I forgot how good his Roma Sub Rosa series is. In the process of his investigations so far into the murder of a friend, and the potential murderers of Caesar himself, Gordianus (Saylor’s main character) has visited with none other than both Antony, Cleopatra, Cicero and Brutus, but to name a couple of famous historical figures. However, by introducing them earlier in the series, Saylor does not stretch our suspension of disbelief to a point that any of this is unbelievable. This is but one of the many reasons I highly recommend these books to any of you who haven’t read them (don’t miss the emphasis).

Later this evening: One final Sunday Salon post — again, on the book I’m reading, and links to the blog posts of others and articles that I bookmarked this week to share with you all.

One response to “TSS: Spending my day, my week mostly in Italy

  1. I like how you tied everything back to Rome. I’ve never been before, but I imagine that it’s just beautiful. I once tried following the Liturgy of the Hours, but I could never get my canticles straight… I still have my copy, though. Maybe even the insert. That must be a calming way to start the day.

    I’ve never heard of the Roma Sub Rosa series before, but I’ll keep my eyes out for those books. That sounds really interesting and I haven’t read about that time period since I was an undergraduate.