Senor Largo Calcetines: Last in cross country, first in your hearts

Yes, that is me in the photo. I won’t deny it. I look at it now and wonder I was thinking. I swear to you that unlike most of the USA track team these days, I didn’t take drugs during high school 20 years ago when this photo was taken. (Um, and I don’t know either for that matter, well, illegal ones anyway.) Honest. I didn’t even drink then, although I remember once…

Fade out music a la Wayne’s World.

My geek friends who were into Dungeons & Dragons and writing their own fantasy novels on their Macintoshs asked me one time to get a case of beer for them…

…but I didn’t for some reason, maybe because I was a teetotaler like my parents until I turned 21 (the God’s honest truth) when I went to a Christian liberal arts college where alcohol was prohibited but that didn’t prevent the students from finding ways around it (a post for another time)…

Fade in music a la Wayne’s World.

Funny thing is that this appears in my high school yearbook my senior year, the only year I didn’t run high cross country. I decided to quit because I was always last in cross country and didn’t like it. However, the photos were taken the summer before I quit.

On the page before that photo is this one, where I stand with the team, but look like I’m the coach and probably one of those stereotypical mean little runts who were always coaches (“I have always been scared of you/ With your Luftwaffe, your gobbledygoo/ And your neat mustache”):

Other photos in the yearbook are your standard photos, nothing too silly that I could find yet, although I’ll be scouring them tomorrow for more blog fodder. But for some reason, this next one always stood out, because I imagined the head cheerleader was reciting some dark incantation:

I don’t know if she was calling down the powers of Sauron or not, but when I went to my 20th high school reunion last year, I tried to steer clear of her table. For some reason, though, I kept feeling this pull…

7 responses to “Senor Largo Calcetines: Last in cross country, first in your hearts

  1. that is one sweet porn star look you had goin’ on! 😉

    btw, I too went to one of those christian liberal arts colleges where drinking was prohibited. however, in reality it wasn’t a dry campus, it was more like moist.

  2. I love how you look closer to 40 in that picture than you do now that you are staring it down for reals.

  3. unfinishedperson

    Darn it, wrong avatar. Now here’s the right one. To get one, go to where you can make your own globally recognized avatar.

  4. unfinishedperson

    Damon: Hey, that is me, isn’t it?

    Meg: Photoshop or, in my case, Microsoft Paint or whatever other cheap version of Photoshop I can find on my computer, iz DA BOMB, in’t it?

    Sister: I have a whole box full of photos of you…so beware. 😉

  5. …and now you have a starring role on Reno 911.

    Sweeeet ‘stache man!

  6. I recently did that blurring of the photo thing on my blog–the post with my cleavage. It wasn’t to protect anything, just to obscure my puffy face somewhat.

    Yes, Meg at Prefers Her Fantasy life is that vain (but at least she doesn’t pick on her sister).

  7. Snort, snort….so funny.

    Look at the pimp mustache!

    Pull any more out of me and I will hunt you down….seriously.

    But again…snort, snort…what a total dork you were (are).