Meditative Monday: The local library

On Meditative Monday, I will post a photo of a favorite place to read or meditate, and where you can leave a link in the comments to a post of your own with photo of one of your favorite places to read or meditate. Today’s photo was taken at my local library:

5 responses to “Meditative Monday: The local library

  1. What a comfy library! I could sink in those couches for hours with a good book.

  2. Light, if our county library had, had comfy chairs like that I might have hung out there more often instead of making it a hassle for my mom to truck me out to it (a forty minute drive) and truck me back twenty minutes later. We might have made a day of it while she did errands in town.

  3. What a wonderful room! I especially love the window. I could easily sit there for hours.

  4. That looks like a great place to read and reflect…I love libraries in general, but local libraries are special because without them, I would never had so much encouragement to love reading, and I also probably wouldn’t have kept on reading. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. What a gorgeous reading room. It looks superbly cozy!