Blackmail photos of sister and her room as a teenager

As often has been the case here, last time I posted here, I was slamming myself, but now I turn my attention to my sister, who thought she would get away with this post about me without retaliation. Wrong! Instead, I interrupt what was going to be a post about my parents for this unscheduled post.

Shiny happy people, except for one.

This past weekend, I was visiting my parents when I happened into what had been my sister’s room as a teenager. Since earlier in the evening, I had been snapping photos of my mom and dad for a blog post that will be coming soon, I was already in a snap-happy mood and couldn’t resist snapping a few blackmail photos of what was on the walls of the room. Here are some of the treasures I found:

The photo above: Let’s start with the front row, happy, happy, indifferent (friend of Lisa’s), and then my sister, who looks like she wants to reach through the camera and throttle the photographer.

My wife also pointed out how she has her cap cocked at an angle, as if she’s saying, “You wanna piece of this? Do you? Do you? I’ll give you a piece that I’ll break off in your…”. Oh, and the way she’s holding her hands in front of her, like she’s a choir girl…don’t let that fool you. She never was in a choir.

The typical teenage drawings and then the um, atypical teenage drawing.

My sister fancied herself somewhat of an artist when she was a teenager, as is evidenced by these drawings.

The drawing of the male is probably of one of the New Kids on the Block, which was one of her favorite groups. Don’t ask me which one. I have a feeling that it’s not Marky Mark or Donnie, because I’ve seen them recently and that doesn’t look like them.

As for the drawing at right, I have no idea and I don’t want to know, but the trumpet player sort of reminds of George W. Bush, for some reason.

One of my sister’s heartthrobs and, just to be fair, one of mine.

Evidently, she had a major crush on Mel, but what’s up with that photo? I think it’s from the version of Hamlet in which he starred with Glenn Close. But it looks like they snapped the photo as he was trying to remember a line. You almost imagine him saying, “Line, line…dammit, what’s the line. To be or not to be…what’s after that?”

And yes, I had a major crush on Tiffany, even purchasing the 45 single of “I Saw Him Standing There,” but my favorite, of course, was “I Think We’re Alone Now” (no, I’m serious, you can laugh now).

Strange, I liked Tiffany, but also was madly in love with Stevie Nicks, which was evidenced by my writing her name and a song of hers I loved at the time, “Stand Back,” on a mattress at my grandparents when I was about 10. What was I thinking? I don’t know.

I had more photos from her room, but since this is a family blog, I thought it best not to show them — and also I didn’t want to upset my mother and father’s ideas of their squeaky clean daughter with the photo I took of that empty bottle that once contained birth control pills.


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9 responses to “Blackmail photos of sister and her room as a teenager

  1. Don’t let them fool you. It is a common practice for young women to disguise their birth control pills by putting them in another container.

  2. Don’t share the power of our blackout-infinity-cootie spray with just any old body! Jeez! You have to have training to use that!

  3. unfinishedperson

    Lisa, Augusto: I never had to use them. How would I know? Isn’t that the woman’s responsibility? 😉

    Linda: Hey, those were our school colors. Green and gold, and we thought they were cool. I know: what did we know?

    VE: That’s because my sister’s BFF. How could she be “chipper” being friends with my sister?

    The Wife: I’ll leave that one alone.

    Sister: As for your first comment, no, you are an ass. Blackout, cootie spray, infinity as The Wife often says. So there :P!

  4. See…see…birth control pills don’t come in a bottle. A lot you know! 🙂

  5. croneandbearit

    Well, gee, I would have been angry too if I had to wear that awful yellow robe. Give the girl a break! *grins* Linda

  6. I don’t know…that gal next to her isn’t looking to chipper either…

  7. I don’t think birth control pills have ever been dispensed in a bottle…I’m just saying

  8. Just remember, hon, “The door IS open…its just….dark.”

  9. You are an ass. In addition, the bottle had medicine for my rapid heart beat.

    Oh and that is not one of New Kids on the Block. It’s a model…Marcus what’s his face or someone. From Calvin Klein.

    You big dork.

    You just wait….I’ll get you back. 🙂