Friday Finds and Buy A Friend A Book

What great book titles did you hear about this week? MizB invites you each Friday to share your Friday Finds.

This Friday’s finds weren’t books found for me, but were books instead found for others, one for Buy A Friend A Book Week (even though I’m a week behind).

That one book that I found for a friend at our local used bookstore was:

I admit I haven’t read it, but the friend for whom I’m getting it is a graduate of seminary and when he was visiting my wife and me from South Korea recently, he was browsing the book at the bookstore and laughing out loud. He kept saying, “This is really funny.” However, he said he didn’t think he’d have room to take it with him when he and his new bride returned overseas. So on a spur of the moment, the other day, several months after his visit, I decided to buy it for him and will be sending it to him shortly. I hope he enjoys it (and hope he doesn’t see this post).

The other two books that I purchased at the store were for my wife:

Banners of Gold cover

I have never heard of either one, but I thought they’d look like the kind of books my wife would like.

5 responses to “Friday Finds and Buy A Friend A Book

  1. the Moore book could be funny. Congratulations on winning the pecans!

  2. I have never read anything by Moore, but his books always look intriguing. Maybe I should give this one a try sometime?
    Happy reading, and smiles to you–

  3. Off Topic – You have won the weekly drawing for pecans!!! Please, e-mail me your address and I will send you the prize. Oh, I’ll address it Unfinished Person to keep your name secret. 🙂

  4. I would definitely recommend you read Lamb. Christopher Moore is a very funny writer, and I think Lamb is his best novel – parts are hilarious, but it provides good food for thought too.

  5. Well, this is probably the dumbest comment ever, but all three of those books have really great covers. 🙂