The Sunday Salon with Ron Hansen, M.T. Anderson, Thomas Wolfe and ME!

As I recounted in this past week’s Booking Through Thursday about what I’m reading, I’m still working through Look Homeward, Angel by Thomas Wolfe, slowly but steadily. I’m also reading Exiles by Ron Hansen, a fictional account of the wreck of the steamship Deutschland in December 1875 that prompted Gerard Manley Hopkins to write his now famous poem about the wreck.

As I said there Thursday, I picked this one up at the library after seeing that Hansen was the author of The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, a movie that is in my Netflix queue, and then coming back to this one after I realized it was about Hopkins, one of my favorite poets.

I probably also will start The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing by M.T. Anderson today and continue my reading, of course, of The Spiritual Canticle in The Collected Works of St. John of the Cross, translated by Kieran Kavanaugh, O.C.D and Otilio Rodriguez, O.C.D. Today, I will be meditating on Stanza 33.

Earlier this week, I finished The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie, which, well, let’s just say, you’ll have to read the review to see what I thought.

On Tuesday, I participated in this week’s Tuesday Thingers about the Top 100 Most Popular Books on LibraryThing, and on Monday, to start the week, I reviewed Ann Patchett’s Bel Canto.


On my main blog, An unfinished person (in an unfinished universe), I received an 8 out of 10 ranking, or “Great” from, which really made my week, except that I have no one over there reading it, and everyone’s here, which the fine folks at, only ranked a 6.7 or “Good.” I try not to do too much shameless self-promotion here, BUT they ranked all my other blogs at least 7 or above.

For example, my “devotional” blog, Journeying With St. Ignatius (and St. John of the Cross), they ranked a 7.6 or “very good” and my “humor” or rambling blog, Unfinished Rambling(s) slightly higher at 7.7 or “very good”. Earlier in the year, they also ranked my trail running blog Just A (Trail Running) Fool at 7.0 or “very good.”

But the only way the ranking here can go up is if others (meaning you, dear readers) rank my blog
higher than the score they originally gave me. Please click on the widget at the bottom right of this page and tell them the ranking that I really deserve (being, of course, it’s better than the
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I’ll leave you with a couple of samples from my other blogs, one funny and one serious. Hope you enjoy them:


And in case, you missed it and are just reading this on a reader, and don’t see this on my actual blog, for those of us who are Americans (and even those who are not), please click here for a special birthday message from The Muppets. And oh, I can’t take credit for this one. So see, it’s not all about me.

5 responses to “The Sunday Salon with Ron Hansen, M.T. Anderson, Thomas Wolfe and ME!

  1. unfinishedperson

    Jessica: Actually I hadn’t heard of The Gathering. But I have heard of Anne Enright, because recently I came across a link of an articles of her in The Guardian. The article can be found here.

  2. Congrats on the blog ratings? That is very exciting! I’m going to have to spend more time on your other blogs.

    Have you read The Gathering? A review of it I read today compared it to Look Homeward, Angel. I just wondered whether you thought they are similar.

  3. thekoolaidmom

    Okay, warm weather, the hum of the fan, AND the muppets… yeah, who needs the hammock!

    I hadn’t ever heard of How do I vote for your blog?

  4. Definitely an unusual list of books – enjoy the rest of your Sunday1

  5. I must look ‘Exiles’ out. I studied Hopkins both at ‘A’ Level and then as an undergrad. and really loved his work. I’d definitely like to read this one.