Stanza 33: Not becoming oblivious of our former sins

Stanza 33 and Commentary on It in The Spiritual Canticle by St. John of the Cross
My commentary on Section 1, Paragraph 3

The more I read of St. John of the Cross, the more I find that resonates with me. In the introduction to today’s stanza, he cautions against presuming that even though we have been forgiven that we can’t fall again. I know from personal experience about that as I’m sure we all do. He also says that why we shouldn’t forget our sins is to have cause to render thanks. I think of circumstances and situations in which I had not find myself, out of which he has brought me. And I am truly thankful. I know that like St. John says if even while I was in the midst of those sins, he continued to bring me His goodness, how much more of His goodness can I receive now when I do not fall to those sins.


never let me forget my sins insomuch as that:

  1. I presume I can’t fall again
  2. that I have another reason for which to give you thanks, and
  3. that by this, I will be given more confidence in all the graces you have bestowed on me and continue to bestow on me.

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