Stanza 26: Pasturing and satisfying the herd of the spiritual appetites

Stanza 26 and Commentary on It in The Spiritual Canticle by St. John of the Cross
My commentary on Section 18

In my intellect, memory and will remains this “little herd of appetites, satisfactions and other imperfections” after which my soul follows “in an effort to pasture and satisfy it.” In other words, like I mentioned previously, to which artist inside of me am I giving the paint supplies? The one who is painting the spiritual man my soul desires to be or the one who is painting the picture of the natural man that my flesh desires to be?

Lord, let me lie down in Your fields, graze upon Your words, Your wisdom in those fonts to which You have called me: from the works of St. Ignatius to St. John to the very font of blood and water that flows forth from Your side. Amen.

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