More things that make you go hmmm…and then WTF?!*@$*!

Duct Taped Tree1

While driving up a local road recently, I had to do a double-take as I saw the tree in photo above. It looked some kind of grey fungi was growing up the tree. But upon closer inspection…

Duct Taped Tree2

…I saw that it was what Red Green calls “the handyman’s secret weapon.” Yep, that’s right, folks, duct tape. I had to laugh…only in northcentral Pennsylvania where I live could such a thing happen. I am truly in the land of the Rednecks here. I can hear the discussion between the farmer’s wife and the farmer now:

“Hey, Merle, we need to cover up the hole in that tree. What should we use?”

“Well, Marge, why don’t we use some duct tape?”

“Golly, Merle, that sounds like a right good idear.”


Also out along the roads near where I live, I saw these signs that just made me shake my head and wonder what is going on in the heads of people in our area (I reckon not much after seeing these signs):

Ron Paul sign1

Now don’t get me wrong. I think Sen. Paul is a fine feller, but don’t these people read Paul’s own website where he clearly states that his campaign is over? Oh, I forgot some folks here still think the Internet is a tool of the devil…of course, that’s how Sen. Paul (who, heck,  is even older than John McCain, is that a positive thing? I don’t think so) became so popular to begin with, ironically, through Al Gore’s creation. D’oh. I had Libertarian friends sending me links more than a year ago to YouTube videos of the man. Anyhoo, on the backside of that gem of a marquee was this further message…

Ron Paul sign2

I keep thinking what do people here in northcentral Pennsylvania have to secure their borders from? Now I can understand if you lived in New York State just a mere thirty or forty miles to the north and you wanted to secure your borders from those crazy Pa. teenagers who look like they are 21 from crossing the border to Brownies Mini-Mart, just before the bridge, to get a six-pack of Rolling Rock. Now that right there would be money well-spent: to secure dem dar borders. Or what about them Canucks? Dang. You think we want those Frenchies coming down here and taking over our frog leg dinners? Hell, no.

I’ll leave you with another Ron Paul sign I saw out along the road, just because I thought it was funny where it was placed. Of course, it wasn’t as funny as the one on the side of a trailer, but I forgot to get that one on the way back from getting the photo of the duct taped tree.

Ron Paul sign3

3 responses to “More things that make you go hmmm…and then WTF?!*@$*!

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  2. Oh, darn. See, now I’m going to spend my day wondering what the heck that duct-taped hole was all about. Were they trying to keep out squirrels? Prevent kids from stashing beer? What? What?

    I need a life.

  3. Oh my gosh. This was funny. Very funny. Wow. You are a humorous person.

    Go figure.