Stanza 22: I want to be in the light

Stanza 22 and Commentary on It in The Spiritual Canticle by St. John of the Cross
My commentary on Section 3, paragraph 3

Sometimes the reflection of the light is indistinguishable from the source of the light. St. John said something similar to that effect in The Living Flame of Love — a thought he similarly expresses here: “the sun, which has absorbed the other lights in its own.” I have seen a glimpse of that in a few holy people I know that when they gather, it is as seeing the light of Christ himself. It was what I experienced, saw at a home Mass the other night.

Afterwards, Christ shone so brightly through them that I almost didn’t see them individually. It was Christ shining through them.

Lord, may You shine through me so that others may not see me but You in me. Amen.

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