Stanza 18: Not allowing the distractions across the threshold

Stanza 18 and Commentary on It in The Spiritual Canticle by St. John of the Cross
My commentary on Section 7, Paragraph 2

A couple of days ago, I wrote of the external distractions, such as turning off the cell phone and allowing it to go to voicemail while in “devotional time.” Today the focus on the internal distractions.

I have found what St. John of the Cross writes to be write. It is as if the eyes of my heart are opened to every sensory movement — “those dwelling in the outskirts in the interior and exterior senses,” especially the interior senses. For example, I may close my eyes and yet on the muscae vitae on the back of my eyelids, I see all kinds of images to distract me from seeing God or being with Him. It disquiets my soul until not all is well with my soul.

Lord, let those girls of Judea, those distractions “not so much seek as to cross” the thresholds between You and my soul. Let my thoughts be focused on You, not only during my “devotional time,” but also during the rest of my day. Amen.

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