Stanza 16: Turning off the cell phone

Stanza 16 and Commentary on It in the Spiritual Canticle by St. John of the Cross
My commentary on Section 10, Paragraph 2

Even now as I am writing the words from this section and paragraph into my journal, I am digressing, my mind is wandering to the day ahead, the week ahead, the month ahead, the year ahead, the years ahead — I hear the birds outside the window, I feel the breeze warm against my neck as I attempt to turn from feeling it. I see how beautiful the day is and am tempted to be somewhere other than where I am — and then the phone rings with a neighbor has a summer house near us calling me to wish me a happy birthday. It is so easy to say, “Let there be no digressions,” but to remember to turn off the cell pone against even the well-intentioned phone call, that it another thing altogether.

Lord, as St. John writes, let only the will appear and attend to the Beloved in a surrender of self. Let me remember to focus, refocus — let the phone go to voicemail for this hour so I can be totally surrendered to You. Amen.