The continuing search for the elusive Scripto Giga pens

When you’re planning your next frog leg dinner, don’t forget to use a Scripto Giga pen to write the invitations, if you can find one.

As you may remember, I love the now unavailable Scripto Giga Pen. What I didn’t say was that I was so obsessed that I e-mailed Scripto to ask them why the website says the pens are still available. Here was the response I received:

May 28, 2008

Dear Mr. Dickens*:

Thank you for taking the time to call regarding the availability of our Scripto Giga pen, Unfortunately that item has been discontinued we no longer have any in our inventory nor have any further historical information.

Thank you again for your continued interest and support of Scripto products, please let us know if we can be of further assistance.


Neil Gaiman*

Sales Admin. Asst.

* name changed to the author whose book Great Expectations I will be reading in the near future

** name changed to the author whose book Stardust I just finished last night

And here’s my response:

Mr. Gaiman:

First, of all, I didn’t call. I e-mailed you. Second, I just noticed that you put a comma where a period should be (sorry, I’m white) after your first sentence and also the second sentence is a run-on sentence, because you either need a comma, a period or a semi-colon after the word “discontinued.”

Third, WTF on the “any further historical information”? You mean, you can’t give me a timeline of the Scripto Giga pen that would include, but not be limited to, the following details:

  • the exact date and time that the first Scripto Giga pen rolled off the production line, as well as a photo of that first pen, or even better a replica — oh, wait, I have a few around here somewhere
  • the name of the inventor of the Scripto Giga pen
  • how he/she originated the idea of the Scripto Giga pen (notice, I can keep seeing Scripto Giga pen as if I’m giving a plug for a product, even though really I’m not, because as you can read above: that item has been discontinued)?

I was really hoping that you could give me those kind of details, Mr. Gaiman.

Fourth, I don’t know if I’ll have “a continued interest and support of Scripto products”, since you chose to discontinue the Scripto product I love. Fifth, you can be “of further assistance” by restarting production of the Scripto Giga pens immediately to satisfy this customer, because the customer always comes first, doesn’t he or she (he, in this case)?


Extremely Pissed Off And Soon-To-Be Ex-Scripto Customer

What The Dickens (to you)

P.S. If Scripto really cared, I would have thought they would have had at least a v.p. of customer complaints reply to me, not a lowly sales admin. asst. Please pass along to your superiors.

A photo of one of the few remaining replicas in existence which I am lucky enough to own (notice, though, the ink is almost out):

I only noticed after looking at this photo that it was made in Korea (no, I don’t usually look at my favorite object with which to write; it only dawned on me now to do so) and realize I have friends who live in Korea. Maybe they could find the hidden stockpiles there? Hmmmm…..

15 responses to “The continuing search for the elusive Scripto Giga pens

  1. I’m with you… been searching for Scripto Giga pens for quite a while now. I am a pen fanatic, and have more pens than I could possibly ever use. I have never found a better pen than the Giga. (The Staedtler 1.6mm writes very smoothly, but it just doesn’t have the same feel in your hand.) Seems like everything that I buy and like gets discontinued, so I apologize for purchasing the Giga! I do still have a few left. Most are black, some are blue, and I do have one bright green one! I’m not sure where I got it from, but the happy green ink will be the last used! 😀
    Has anyone ordered the Giga from TNTSS? Is it true? Are they manufacturing them??

  2. I have bought those BEEP pens and I can’t say I wasn’t a little disappointed. I, too, am a crazy, no-friend, Giga pen loving kinda gal. The Giga was absolutely, no doubt about it, the BEST pen in the entire world. The Beep is close but let me break down the differences for you. The Giga pen was just the right size in width. The Beep is slimmer, just a tad, but nevertheless, thinner. The Beep glides when writing pretty similar, but it does occationally leak ink and leaves ink splotches. The plastic is noticably not the fine plastic quality that the Giga pen had. And, the Beep tends to unscrew at the top and occationally at the bottom of the base. It is a good replacement, but nothing will ever replace the fab Giga pen!

  3. My understanding is that a while after the Scripto Giga pen was discontinued, TNT School Supplies bought the rights to said pen and has taken over manufacturing them.


  5. Count me in….I’m a geek 2! i love GIGA pens and have been looking all over for them. I saved 3, am down to my last one and started googling around trying to find some. I stumbled onto your website and laughed hysterically. I thought I was the only nutty one.
    Oh well..

  6. You are not alone sir… I found this website searching to bulk order. BUT I might have salvation for you! I noticed that I had a knockoff from some other company somewhere around here, and I’ll follow up. Pentex or Pentax or something… I know because I thought they were the same pen. Except one was “broad” and one was “coarse” So I shit you not! Help may be on the way.

    -Loon 2

  7. I actually found your post while trying to find more pens to purchase! I actually LOVE the pens myself and can not find anything even close to it!! I truly hope that they do come out with more!

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  11. Just thought you’d like to know that there are others out there, just like you, yearning for the Giga. Well, actually, I still have about 8 packs left, but they’re MINE–ALL MINE.

    The good news is….drum roll….a friend of mine received a call from someone somewhere, asking if she was still interested in buying the Giga, because he was selling, AND letting her know that Scripto is planning on repackaging the Giga this fall. Sorry that I don’t have more info, but I was only half listening to her and half watching “who wants to be on a japanese game show”, but I do know that he did have some available and he knew of future Gigas.

    So, cheer up. The good times are a coming!

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  13. But I don’t. I love ya all kinds, baby.

  14. Yep, and Ken’s wrote back and you can’t have your salad dressing retail either. I think the world hates you.

  15. jonnymommy

    You have some serious problems.

    Don’t tell anyone we are related…..crap. I think I just did.

    Very, very funny post….even if you are a loon.