Going back to the magic well…

…as much as I wanted to stay away from it, as I mentioned last post, I thought I might be heading back there: yep, to what my wife says our cat thinks is “the magic well.”

That’s right, the toilet. I’m returning to the tank, the toilet tank…

Last week I was at the library when I overheard this conversation between a patron (if that is what you want to call him) and two librarians:

Patron (who looked and sounded very much like Larry the Cable Guy or Boomhauer from King of the Hill, at least kin of theirs of some kind), as he walks out of the library bathroom, with one eyeball looking over his shoulder at the door that just closed behind him: “I about thar jumped out of my skin with that thing in thar. I almost turned around and slapped it.”

Librarian #1: “It’s been like that since last summer when the plumber put in a new one.”

Librarian #2: “It is powerful, isn’t it?”

Patron: “Powerful, yes sirreee. I about jumped out of my skin like I said, and I almost turned around and slapped that thing thar silly.”

Librarian #1: “I think it was made in Mexico.”

Patron: “I don’t know where it was made, but it about scared the life out of me.”

Librarian #1: “It must have been made in Mexico.”

This conversation really was going places I could see. I think it continued in that appropriate circular motion for about five minutes more, with each person reiterating his/her point.

I couldn’t help but laugh, of course.

I also was a little perplexed. What does Mexico have to do with it? I’ve heard unfortunately, in some parts of Mexico City, they don’t even have toilets.

Of course, what’s to blame? At least, the toilet does its job, right?

3 responses to “Going back to the magic well…

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  2. I find myself compulsively reading your tag cloud. Its like having Tourette’s.

    Seriously, that toilet at the library is LOUD. Its like announcing to the whole building I JUST MADE A DOODY AT THE LIBRARY!! I usually hold it and go elsewhere.

  3. Haaaaa! It is even funnier reading it than having you relay it!