Weekly Geeks #3: Memory jogged – check

This is part III of a three-part response for this week’s Weekly Geeks, in which we were to write about our fond memories of childhood books. In Part I, I talked about books from Dr. Seuss to Dr. Spock and the dogs Clifford and Fletcher. In this part, I continue with more of my favorite childhood books, and in a third part, I will share the memories that were triggered by my reading the posts of other bloggers who participated in this week’s challenge. Unfortunately, because of time constraints this morning, I’m not going to be able to elaborate much right now and may come back and edit this post, but I do want to give a quick “shout-out” to all those who helped jog my memory.

I read through several of the Weekly Geeks’ responses, and wow, the memories just came flooding in.

SomeReads reminded me of Scholastic Book orders and on the other side of the literary spectrum, sort of, Mad and Cracked magazines. Many of the books that I mentioned in the previous two posts were books I ordered through Scholastic. I still have books I ordered through Scholastic, including Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh, about which Book-O-Roma helped remind me.

Meanwhile, Deb at Nothing of Importance triggered memories of elementary school with her post in which she mentioned bookmobiles. It was the highlight of our week, or was it monthly? Whichever, it was something worth waiting for, especially at our small town school.

Like Andi, I loved The Chronicles of Narniaa too, but maybe not for the same reasons as she. Mr. Tumnus wasn’t one of my favorite characters. I think I was more into Aslan.

Becca at The Inside Cover helped me with my own trip down memory lane by reminding me of the Ralph S. Mouse books by Beverly Cleary. It fits right in with my love of fictional mice and rats.

Like Mel at Mel’s Reading Corner, I also was a big fan of Nancy Drew mysteries and also, of course, The Hardy Boys.

And finally, Florinda helped jog my memory about The Great Brain series by John D. Fitzgerald.

I’m sure as I read more of the posts of fellow Weekly Geeks, my memory will be jogged more, but for now this is a start.

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