The salad guy, the crazy pen guy: That’s me

Scripto Giga Pen

First, right off the top. These are my favorite pens EVER. I admit it. Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge, ScriptoUSA doesn’t even make these anymore — even though on their website, they still have a link for them with this glowing description (which by the way with which I wholeheartedly agree, I couldn’t have said it better myself):

The most unique ballpoint pen available. The Giga Pen has a 1.6mm ball size for extra smooth writeability and broad, bold strokes. A contemporary transparent barrel design and finished with a rubber comfort grip this pen is ideal for those who want their words to be noticed. Available in black, blue and red ink. Available in Twin Pack.

Available, uh huh, right. I can’t find these God’s gifts to writers everywhere anywhere. Believe me, I’ve scoured almost every store in Pennsylvania, I kid you not, and I can’t find them. I was even amazed that I could find a photo of them online, but I did at some online store that, of course, doesn’t have them in stock anymore.

Which brings me to the subject of my post: I’m a geek, a totally certifiable Geek, capital G, which by the way is the same letter my favorite pens begins with.

For months on end, I’d go into the local Dollar General to see if they got any Gigas back in stock. It was the only place I could find it. At one point, I think I talked with the manager there about 20 minutes about how much I loved these pens. She explained that she thought they weren’t making anymore, but that sometimes they came in — leftover stock, I guess. She told me to keep stopping by, which I did, and each time, I think I had to tell her the story of how much I loved those pens. I’m sure every time she sees me, she thinks, “Oh, no, here comes that crazy pen guy again.”

I don’t know her name, but when I see her — like yesterday when I couldn’t find a generic Zyrtec that another Dollar General about 75 miles away carries — it’s like we’re picking up from a conversation we had before. Oh, and she says that “It’s the planograms. We’re not a traditional setup like the one in Dushore. Instead, we’re a Plan A or a Plan B.” Oh, I get it, the planograms. I should have known that’s possibly why they don’t have the generic Zyrtec yet.

But it’s not just pens with which I’m obsessed. No, I’m also in love with southwestern chicken salads made at Weis Market but without onions. I have one specially made for me every Wednesday, when all the salads are on sale. And like those beautiful pens, I can talk about these beautiful salads with the deli manager for minutes on end — and yes, I have.

In fact, last week, I love those salads so much, actually it’s the dressing, a spicy creamy vinaigrette, that when last Tuesday, just on a whim, I got one — even with onions, I noticed that the dressing didn’t taste the same. Uh oh. Crisis (said in high voice like Ross the Intern on The Tonight Show, even though I am no way like Ross, meaning, of course, I’m not as funny and articulate as he is). Of course, I thought about it all day Tuesday and when I was there later that night, just about closing time, and I saw an employee at the deli, I, of course, had to say something to him.

Funny thing is I said I order it every Wednesday and he know right away who I was. In fact, I joke with the employees I see regularly every Wednesday that they probably know me as “the salad guy.” In fact, I think he said something to that effect: “Oh, you’re the salad guy.” Or maybe I imagined it.

But I must have talked to him for about 10 minutes about the change in dressing, letting him know that I wasn’t complaining. But was curious why they were changing the ingredients. He said he wasn’t sure, but he’d let the deli manager know about my concern.

The next day, I arrive for my salad around 12:30, 1 as usual and see the same guy there who directs me to the deli manager. And we talk for about 20 minutes. She apologizes that the dressing they normally get is out of stock, so they’ve been having to use Hidden Valley brand instead. She said it’s been out of stock for about five weeks every time they order it. She agrees with me that it’s the dressing that makes the salad so good. And another employee chimes in that she doesn’t like the new dressing either, but they have to have something, she says and rolls her eyes like she’s also saying, “Whaddya gonna do?”

Well, I almost tell her, what I’m gonna do is go somewhere else and stop buying your southwestern chicken salads, if you don’t get the dressing in and I’ll tell all my friends in town (yeah, like I have friends) that they need to stop frequenting Weis because they don’t have that salad. Yeah, I have that much power in my hometown — okay, in my head.

But I don’t, because I love those salads too much and I’ll hold out for a little while with the lesser dressing, in the hope that they get the better dressing back soon.


Disclaimer: I have stock in neither ScriptoUSA or any of its affiliates or in Weis Markets or any of its subsidiaries.

However, I do have stock in So click there and make my stock in being an uber-geek go up. Thanks for your support.

Addendum: 5/21/08: That spicy creamy vinaigrette dressing isn’t spicy creamy vinaigrette dressing. Nope, it’s Ken’s Chipotle Ranch, which strange enough isn’t sold retail. To complain about that, but thank Ken there nicely too “for the crack of salad dressings” as my missus calls it, because hell WE DON’T WANT THEM TO STOP MAKING IT! PLEASE KEEP MAKING IT, KEN! I NEED MY WEEKLY FIX, contact Ken at

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  2. So, I am down to my last pen…I came online to try and find them…do you know…are they back to making them? I love my gigas…….

  3. Thanks MArianne , one typo- my address is
    not .com

    I have found a few left on ebay adn have found a manufacturer that has dulicated the GIGA pen. It looks exactly the same and is called the BEEP(best ever engineered pen) This school supply owner heard people all asking for the GIGA and decided to re make it. Go to (TNT school supplies. Order the Beep. It only sells in bulk. u wont be dissapointed.

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  15. I’d choose you over guys who stand around droning on about front-end loaders any day.

  16. jonnymommy

    Did you know you are ranked higher than your wife on the family blogs? I have to check the regular ones….

  17. Did I mention that sometimes I’m embarrassed to tell people you are my brother? Because I am. Wow. What a total nerd you are…..