My first post with the Sunday Salon

The Sunday I just joined The Sunday Salon this past week when I saw it mentioned on The Hidden Side of A Leaf, with whom I’ve joined for another group called Weekly Geeks. Here is this week’s challenge, and here are the “rules”. But about The Sunday Salon, the basics are, according to the site (bold remarks mine)

  1. Sign up (of course)
  2. Make a time for your reading every Sunday (your time as opposed to the time of your doppelganger in a parallel universe) you’re participating in the salon, preferably with a stack of unread books you’ve collected the night before.
  3. Blog about your reading as you go, as frequently and extensively as you like (which seems to defeat the purpose of reading if I’m blogging, which I’ve already been doing this week — surfing book blogs, that is, instead of reading books so that I can write about them on my blog and surf more book blogs, instead of reading books so that I can write about them on my blog…and so and so forth). Information you might include in your blog posts: time spent reading, pages read, information about current reading, your reaction to the book, link to the Salon page, what you plan to read the next week or suggestions for a group read.
  4. Include the words “Sunday Salon” in your post so it will show up on the group feed, to which I’ve subscribed, by the way.
  5. Comment on other posts (now modified to those to which you’re interested, because so many bloggers are participating).

Those are the basics. I’ll be honest. This is my first post, but I’m not really participating yet, because I’m at my mother’s for Mother’s Day and it would seem to be rude to say, “Hey, I gotta go read because I just joined this reading group. So happy Mother’s Day. See ya. Oh, and I love ya.” I did peruse the Salon though on my Google reader, and I look forward to really participating next week, instead of just putting the words “Sunday Salon” so this post will show up on the feed.

Not to say that I didn’t bring a book or two with me: a few to review for my blog and others to read, The Monsters of Templeton by Lauren Groff and The Collected Works of St. John of the Cross. If I get to reading some of them today, I’ll write about them here. Otherwise, I’ll share next week, at least about The Monsters of Templeton, which I should have finished. But I look forward to getting know some of you (all of you, I don’t know if I can keep up with all of you, but I’ll try to poke my head and say hi to those I can) in the upcoming weeks. For now, most likely will see you all next week.

7 responses to “My first post with the Sunday Salon

  1. Thank you for warm welcome to Sunday Salon. I’ll be back later this evening to include y’all in my blog roll. But for now, I wanted to thank you for welcoming me with open arms and despite my “snarky” comments about the Salon, I do truly look forward to being a part of the Salon. I think it’s a great idea — even if it has “gone astray” from its original intent. That’s all right. I plan to try to stick to the original intent, but look forward to reading as many of your posts as to which I can get, no matter what your intent.

  2. Welcome to the Salon! I actually decided that part of my Mother’s Day gift should be reading and blogging as much as I want!! I’m terribly selfish, but it’s just once a year!

  3. I’ll be interested in your reaction to “The Monsters of Templeton.” Been thinking about reading that one, too – it looks like something I’d enjoy.

    Glad you spent some time with Mom, even if it did interfere with your reading life. And welcome to the Salon!

  4. Welcome! Can’t wait to hear what you are reading next week!

  5. Welcome to Sunday Salon! Won’t you have some tea with us?!


  6. LOL – Welcome to The Sunday Salon! 🙂 Now that I have everyone on Google Reader, I am spending less time on the internet.

    Have fun with Mom!

  7. Welcome to the Salon! I know what you mean; I probably end up reading less on Sunday than I normally would, because the feed reader is so tempting. Oh the irony.