Plyometrics (postponed indefinitely for me)

At right, me after a run in a cold, light drizzle through the Wellsboro cemetery.

Today, I dropped out of plyometrics, not that I’ve been in for the last few weeks because of one thing or another. First, there was no class because of a day off at the high school, where the classes were being held. Then I had a mishap with the car last week, and this week, I decided by the time I get back to it, I’m going to be in so much pain that I’m not going to be able to build back my running where it needs to be.

Plus this morning, I had a reality check as I looked at the calendar, with only about 10 weeks to go until the Hyner View Trail Challenge, the 25K trail hike/run that I’m doing, on April 19. I need to get running. If I had my mileage up to begin with, I believe the plyometrics would definitely help, but as it is, I have virtually no mileage. So it’s time to build up the miles — slowly.

Today, I ran a short 5K (3.1 miles) around Wellsboro, what I call cemetery run. It was drizzling and cold outside, but I have a meeting at 3:30 p.m. at the high school so I decided if I didn’t get out now, since the gym opens at 3:30, I wouldn’t get out for a run. I do have to walk up to the school, since the car is still in the shop, but I don’t want to be all sweaty when I get there. But still the walk will do me good.

Next report: Thursday.

One response to “Plyometrics (postponed indefinitely for me)

  1. I’m sure that was a tough decision to come to. But then again – maybe not, eh?