Plyometrics Day 6 and 7 (postponed)

Unfortunately, this is getting to be a theme here.

This past Tuesday’s “story” was that the roads were icy and en route to the class at the high school, my car ran into a curb at the high school as I was pulling into the driveway there. As a result, my mind wasn’t there and I dropped off the car for the mechanic.

Today, because of potential bad weather in our area on Friday, we left early to go see my wife Kim’s ailing grandmother in Maryland instead of leaving on Friday as we originally intended. So as a result, I didn’t make it to class again this morning.

Tomorrow, though, will go for run around lake(s) here near my father-in-law’s condo, and probably on either Saturday or Sunday or both days, depending on how I feel. So hopefully can get back on track.

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