Plyometrics: Days 3 and 4

Today was Day 4 of the plyometrics “class” that I am taking with the local high school track team, and on Tuesday was Day 3.

After Sunday’s hike, that night I had a sharp pain in my left shin when I tried to get up from the couch to go to bed. In fact, I didn’t get up because I felt like my left leg might be broken, even though I’ve never had a broken leg. So as a result, Monday I opted not to do any exercise in preparation for Tuesday’s class. Unfortunately for me (but probably fortunately for the student-athletes who are training for the spring), the coach who was in charge Tuesday really pushed us — and I also pushed myself beyond what I should have.

So again on Wednesday — even though earlier in the day I thought I might attempt to go to the gym for at least a couple of miles on the eliptical, I changed my mind later in the day– I opted for a day of rest. After today’s class, I’m not sure if that was a good idea or a bad idea. This morning I made it through about three-quarters of the exercise before I had to stop…we were in the middle of some running/skipping/lunging exercises when my my legs really were beginning to “feel it” again.

It also probably didn’t help that I didn’t have anything to eat before I left for class. Usually, I try to have a granola bar, at least. My energy already was tanking even before the running/skipping/lunging exercises. I was with the woman who originally let me know about this winter’s class (yep she finally showed up – on Tuesday), and she was “dusting” me (not that she wouldn’t be doing the same on any other day, because heck, I don’t mind admitting it, she’s in much better shape than I am). More than once, I bent over at the waist to catch my breath. She probably thought I was fighting a hangover or hadn’t gotten enough sleep. However, I had almost eight hours of sleep, even with getting up at 5:15 a.m. So I really think it partially was the lack of fuel this morning and the lack of exercise the previous day that contributed to my slight sluggishness.

Next Tuesday will be no class, because the high school will be closed for a snow make-up day. It might seem a little early for a snow day, but the administration is moving its offices from a building downtown to the newly-renovated portion of the old high school on Monday, which is Martin Luther King Jr. Day when the students aren’t in school. I think they also figured they could use the extra day, if they needed it, which most likely they will.

Regardless of the reason behind it, we won’t have class and I’ll need to still do something that morning so that I don’t fall behind on Thursday. So I plan on going into the fitness center there at the high school and get a workout there. What? I don’t know yet, but I’ll figure out something. The main thing is I don’t want to lose the momentum I’ve gained, even if it is slight. Now to go rest my legs again…

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