Not quite 5 miles

This morning after two days off, I took a light jog downtown to drop off a book at the library and then followed the course of the 5K I did on Saturday, just for an added bonus. I thought it was about 5 miles, but when I got back home and figured everything up, it was 4.7 miles. Dang. So I was slower than I thought. I ran/walked the entire thing in 1 hour, 2 minutes. I ran the first mile in about 12 minutes and the last .7 miles in 10 minutes and then the middle three miles at about 13:20. Nothing really that I should be writing about, but I’m trying to keep myself accountable here.

Oh, also I said that I’d keep track of my running tunes too. So here goes: today’s tracks: in order:

* Run To The Hills, Iron Maiden
* Anything Goes, Guns N’ Roses
* Your Savior, Temple of the Dog
*Hungry Heart, Bruce Springsteen
*Shadow on the Sun, Audioslave
* White Noise, Resurrection Band
* Reunion, Collective Soul
* Exit Music (For A Film), Radiohead
* Astronomy, Metallica
*Dust in the Wind, Kansas (skipped through, why do I have this on here? not the most uplifting song for a run, is it?)
* Leave It Alone, Living Colour
* Eyes of A Stranger, Queensryche
* This Dying Soul, Dream Theater
* Crush, Anthrax (anything by these guys keeps the motor going)
*Jesus Built My Hotrod, Ministry
*The Burning Down, King’s X

Only ones that didn’t really belong: Bruce and Kansas. I need to work what’s in my iPod. I have 1632 songs, but still the 30GB iPod can take more…yet nothing everything is good for running. I need to make some better playlists for running. Oh, well, if this is the least of my worries, I think I’ll be all right.

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