Thank God for a wife that helps with motivation

Sometimes it’s hard to keep motivated, I admit. But when you have a wife that encourages you like I do, it helps — even on a Saturday night when you’d probably rather just veg.

Tonight, I had every reason to veg: I’ve had a long week, a busy day earlier in the day plus I took a nap late in the afternoon when I could have run outside. But when I got up, I asked Kim if she wanted to the gym/pool and she agreed. I ran for about an hour on the treadmill. She swam and walked on a treadmill too. I really didn’t get into a rhythm tonight. First, fooling around with my MP3 player and then trying to work with the controls on the treadmill (only my second time using it) and then it wouldn’t stay up to the speed I set it on. Plus I tried different settings, which didn’t work.

But all in all, still a good workout. At least I’m keeping to it every other day so far — and I will go once more tomorrow. Until next time…

One response to “Thank God for a wife that helps with motivation

  1. Shieldmaiden96

    Speaking of motivation, turn off the Penn State game, its time to go to the gym!I loved you when you were Mr. Potato Head and I love you now. I love that you have the courage to pursue your dreams. Look where that has brought us! :o)I know that you will succeed.